This is why you need a Safety Plan!

I happened to come across this horrifying news feed today and feel compelled to share it with you because if you are readying this post, you have a psychopath in your life and you need to be safe.

Real Estate Agent Stabbed to Death in Office – Not a Crime by a Stranger

Suspect in Texas real estate agent’s slaying in custody – CBS News 1 day ago – FORTH WORTH, Texas – The suspect in the stabbing death of his estranged wife, who was a North Texas real estate agent, was taken into … the man who had barricaded himself in a Fort Worth home, shot multiple times at …

This scares and saddens me… and really hit home.

My divorcing a psychopath experience has put me closer to this than I have had the strength to tell you about yet, but seeing this today made me realize that I don’t want to be the next news story and I don’t want you to be that story either.

I thought living with a Psychopath was hard… as you can see from this article, leaving can be deadly.

Please don’t let this happen to you. You can and must protect yourself.

If you have not already left your psychopath, I want you to look at the document I’m giving you here.

If you have left your psychopath, Wonderful!
But read this anyway because as long as they are breathing the same air we are, you are not rid of them. And don’t fool yourself when they are “nice” for a little while or they seem to have left you alone.

They are psychopaths… no conscience, no love… and they cannot and will not ever get better, even if they “appear” to.

It is imperative that you look at what I’m giving you, think about it, and do it!

WARNING: Do NOT let your psychopath see this. Create your exit plan without letting them know anything about it. Do not talk about it. Do not let them see it.

Psychopaths live for their own self-gratification and use people until they can use them no more. While we may love them; they don’t have the capacity to love. We are just a possession to them that serves a purpose.

Psychopaths become more dangerous when they think their “possession”, their “property,” may try to leave. And whether your psychopath becomes violent or not, you need to protect yourself. They look at everything as a game and their idea of winning is making you suffer, how ever they can, whether it is financially, emotionally or physically.

Please read this and use it.  Personalized Safety Plan