Ray Rice you are HORRID!

Ray Rice you are an ABUSER!  How can anyone say otherwise?!  Janay is thinking it but too afraid to say it!!!

Why does a guy who punches his girlfriend, literally knocking her out and dragging her body out of an elevator, deserve a second chance?

What are we teaching our children who look up to this guy and others like him that abuse and get away with it?   This was not the first time and won’t be his last.

Janay Rice — your life is not worth the money or circles you are currently running in because of his job!  I’ve been there and know your fear, know what you are living in, and know that it will not get better, it will only get worse.  Get out while you can!

Ray Rice – you are a despicable human being and should be stripped of any celebrity status you have and should not be allowed to play in the NFL!

I am completely astonished by some of the comments on this;



Mark O’Mara I agree with you!  Ray Rice does NOT deserve a second chance!