Psychopath files Bankruptcy – And the Lies Continue

The creditor meeting for my ex Psychopath’s bankruptcy happened not too long ago and guess who showed up…..  ME! The largest and most important creditor he has and if he thinks I’m not going to be there to protect the interests of me and my children, he is crazier than I thought!

My attorney and I arrived early.  The Psycho and his attorney, and of course Hilary Whore since they are now a united effort (will get to the craziness of the united part shortly), arrived as it was about to start.  They seemed a little surprised to see my attorney and I sitting there when they walked in.  Oh well!

I sat taking notes while my attorney started asking him questions.  I should have known he would be unprepared, especially since he did not think that any creditors would show up.  My attorney bombarded him with questions that he did not know the exact answers to because he delegates everything to someone else.  (Heaven forbid he actually does work.)   I kept busy writing notes and not wanting to look at him, but at times it was hard not to laugh when my attorney got him rattled.

My attorney asked him about his business, his employees, how were they paid, how customers paid, and how he paid his bills.  He stumbled on a lot of the answers and I could tell he didn’t want us there asking anything.

His bankruptcy application said that he transferred $12,000 equity in his used 2007 Cadillac Escalade toward a 2014 Escalade; however, he did not list the new Escalade in his assets or on his monthly payments.   My attorney kept questioning,

“When did you get the new Escalade?”

As he turns to Hilary Whore, “I don’t know, was it July?”   “Yes” Hilary Whore says, because of course she is his new keeper and care taker and he can’t even answer an easy question without her.

“And this was right after you flew you, Ms. {Whore}, and the kids on a 2 week vacation?” my attorney continued.

“And when did you file bankruptcy?” she added.  “August.”

“So you flew the family on vacation, came back, gave Ms. {Whore} $12,000 and bought a new Escalade that you put in Ms. {Whore’s} name, and then filed bankruptcy a few weeks later, correct?”

“NO! I didn’t give her $12,000.  I didn’t give her $12,000 cash or write her a check for $12,000.”  Psycho starting to get really defensive.

“But you gave her $12,000 in equity on your Escalade to put toward a new Escalade in her name.

“So you gave Hilary Whore $12,000 that could have gone to paying your child support?”

“NO! I didn’t give her $12,000”

I almost busted out laughing when the Bankruptcy Trustee had his turn to question Psycho and said, “So what do you drive?  Does Ms. {Whore} drive the new Escalade?  Does she drive you around everywhere?”

“No, she has a car that she drives.  She owns two cars, the Escalade and hers.”  More questioning and Psycho explained that he could not afford the $5,000 in repairs to his older Escalade and his credit was not good enough to buy a new one and that is why it was put in Hilary Whore’s name.

The Trustee was quick to say, “Why didn’t she just sign as a guarantor?  Why put it in her name?”

Quick with one of his excuses, Psycho states that “Ms. Whore comes from a GM Motors family and gets family discounts that they could not have received if it were not purchased in her name.”

REALLY?!  I know she’s originally from Michigan but does that make her “from a GM Motors family?” Her mother and stepfather are CPA’s and her father is a limo driver.  GM Family?  Again, to an outsider who doesn’t know the facts, this might be a good excuse… but far fetched even then.

As my attorney established who was working in the business, Psycho didn’t mention Ms. Whore, and we established that Psycho  uses the business account for his personal expenses.  She then dropped the bomb they were not expecting and dropped the copy of the money order for the purchase of one of the business products, made out to Hilary Whore for $1,000 and deposited in the business account.   Hilary Whore immediately tried to explain away that was a mistake and Psycho’s attorney very quickly “shh’d” her

The Trustee wasn’t buying it and reset the hearing for another date a few weeks from later and told my Psycho ex to bring a lot of additional paperwork.

Guess who plans on being there to ask more questions.  :-)