Happy New Year: The Year of Breaking Free

My New Year’s resolutions used to be lose weight, make more money, finally get organized and stay that way… you know, the “normal” resolutions. However, the last few years have been “GET OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE!”

Every year seems like a never-ending battle when dealing with and divorcing a psychopath.  I know I am taking steps forward, but it often feels like I still can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel.

I thought I could bounce back faster, but I underestimated the effect the psychopath’s manipulations would have on me.

Needless to say, I’ve had to really work on my expectations.

My expectation that the psycho would actually do what he said, and my hope that he would at least do the part of it that concerned the well being of his children. – Ha! What a joke!  (I still have a tendency to give him the benefit of the doubt. When am I going to learn?)

My expectation that our legal system will hold him accountable. Can I repeat myself and say “What a joke!”?

My expectation that I would not be emotionally, psychologically and financially affected by all of the above.  (What was I thinking?)

How can that NOT affect me?  I have friends that have gone through divorcing a “normal” person and they went through sadness, depression, and self-doubt.   Do I really think that I can go through Divorcing a Psychopath and come out unscathed?

My lesson in this has definitely been to learn to cut myself some slack.

Maybe that should be my New Year’s Resolution – be kind to myself, acknowledge that what seems like little steps forward are still steps in the right direction, and that I am the master of my fate — I will not let a psychopath control or ruin my life!  It’s my life and I’m taking it back!

2015 will be a better year!

To all the other brave souls going through this, this is our year to break free! We will have a Happy and Better New Year!!!