Forehead Stamps for Narcissists and Psychopaths

I went to dinner with a friend the other night who was going through divorce the same time I was.  She fortunately did not have a psychopath to deal with like I did but she is still having a hard time getting over it, especially since now her ex is having a baby soon with the “new” woman.

My friend had asked him several times to have a second child and he always said no. The baby she always wanted is now being born to someone else.

When I asked if she was dating yet, she said no and she is not ready yet.  Then she told me about her friend that was drugged and date raped on a blind date.  The guy put something in her drink when she went to the bathroom.

I was horrified and thought I’m never going to date again.  I really wish there was a stamp on their forehead or a neon light that goes off that says “Asshole” or “Psychopath.”  That would be so much easier.

My friend told me about a new nail polish that is supposed to come out soon.  Apparently, when you put your finger in your drink it will tell you if the drink has been drugged. Brilliant!  Finally a great product.

Now we just need to come up with a lotion or something that when you touch the guy, your hand turns a different color and screams to you “Psychopath, run for your life!”

They have mood rings and now a drug testing nail polish.

Surely we can come up with Psycho detector lotion, right?

This may be the secret to world peace… think about it … or at least the secret to sanity in my life and a good way to avoid another psychopath.

Anyone know a chemist?  Call me!