And the Top Narcissistic Psychopath Award Goes To…

Best NarcissisticPsychopath Award

Best Narcissistic
Psychopath Award

You guessed it!

I passed Psychopath on the street the other day and apparently filing bankruptcy did not stop him from paying for vanity license plates for his new Escalade.

I called up my friend, “You are never going to guess who I just passed on the street.  He can’t pay his child support but apparently can get black and white vanity plates for his new Escalade that say “XSTACY.”

“What?” she said.

“Yeah!   X-S-T-A-C-Y   Now just say it all together out loud.” I said


“Is he just really that narcissistic or is he advertising for a new business selling drugs or porn?” I said.

“What guy over the age of 18, maybe up to 22 but that’s pushing it, puts that on his license plate, especially a man his age who has kids, owns his own business and is supposed to be professional.”

“OMG! Just think, he drives through the elementary drive through line with that on his car!”  Oh my goodness, we laughed so hard I almost wet myself!

“Here comes my dad in the XSTACY mobile.”  Thank heaven my kids are too young to know or understand it.

“Well maybe it’s an advertisement and he’s deducting it on his taxes.” we laughed.

“Maybe if he’s doing porn or selling drugs, maybe he’ll pay his child support.”  Blah-ha-ha!  Almost wet myself again!

(Can’t wait until my kids do know and understand it!

OMG! In for another round of laughs all over again!  That may be a couple years though.  Maybe my pants will be dry by then.  Doubt it!  I do see him pass on the street now and then.  Ha Ha Ha

Thank heaven the Psychopath can provide some entertainment sometimes!

You go “XSTACY”!  Will just make it all that much easier for all my friends that see you out to call you in for road rage and drunk driving!

(I never claimed he was smart.)


Blah ha ha…