Forehead Stamps for Narcissists and Psychopaths

I went to dinner with a friend the other night who was going through divorce the same time I was.  She fortunately did not have a psychopath to deal with like I did but she is still having a hard time getting over it, especially since now her ex is having a baby soon with […]

And the Top Narcissistic Psychopath Award Goes To…

You guessed it! I passed Psychopath on the street the other day and apparently filing bankruptcy did not stop him from paying for vanity license plates for his new Escalade. I called up my friend, “You are never going to guess who I just passed on the street.  He can’t pay his child support but […]

Psychopath files Bankruptcy – And the Lies Continue

The creditor meeting for my ex Psychopath’s bankruptcy happened not too long ago and guess who showed up…..  ME! The largest and most important creditor he has and if he thinks I’m not going to be there to protect the interests of me and my children, he is crazier than I thought! My attorney and […]

Happy New Year: The Year of Breaking Free

My New Year’s resolutions used to be lose weight, make more money, finally get organized and stay that way… you know, the “normal” resolutions. However, the last few years have been “GET OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE!” Every year seems like a never-ending battle when dealing with and divorcing a psychopath.  I know I am taking […]

Text Messages from Crazy Land

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in the mind of a Psychopath!  They definitely have an alternate reality than what I, and most people I know have. Divorcing a psychopath seems to continue long after the ink has dried and when you have kids together, it gives the Psychopath that tie […]

Handicapped for Life

Everyone going through Divorcing A Psychopath needs others to keep them going and keep them on a positive track.  I’ve been lucky, and sought out these people, and I would not have made it this far without them. I was working with my theta coach recently and she said something that I thought I should […]

Ray Rice you are HORRID!

Ray Rice you are an ABUSER!  How can anyone say otherwise?!  Janay is thinking it but too afraid to say it!!! Why does a guy who punches his girlfriend, literally knocking her out and dragging her body out of an elevator, deserve a second chance? What are we teaching our children who look up to […]